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  Endodontics in Egypt

Dentistry was there in Egypt from before Christ The earliest dentist is Hesi-Re, who lived during the reign of Zoser as the greatest of the physicians who treat the teeth  “3000 B C”.  It appeared that extraction was the principal remedy for the relief of dental distress. 

Endodontist is one opf the dental specialty that is concerned with “endo” and “dont”  that is inside the tooth.


Pulp pain was considered as evil inside the tooth that required   

Quenching with red-hot wires .  It is also probable that early dentists      

drilled holes through the cortical plate of the jawbones in order to relief  the pressure of purulent exudates associated with the abscessed tooth.  

As a dental specialty in Cairo, endodontology was established in the late 60's.   It was taught in the five dental schools in Egypt but as part of the conservative dentistry curriculum, it includes conservative dentistry, crown and bridge and endodontics.

On 1982 Continuous and unlimited efforts have led to the establishment of Endodontic Department At Cairo University School Of Dentistry  { By Professor Dr Salsabyl Mohamed Ibrahim a graduate of Cairo University [B.Ch.D], M.S.D (Indiana, U.S.A)}

In the present millennium endodontic departments is a reality in most of the 13 dental schools; with excellent undergraduate teaching levels and postgraduate masters and PhD specialty in endodontic




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