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  Meetings of the EAE

The Second International Endodontic Meeting
October 9th - 11th , 2002 (Ramses Hilton)


Subjects Discussed in The Congress:

I - Principal session:
    Presentation by invited members or guest speakers . It covered the main topics related to endodontics.

II - General interest session:
    Clinical experience plus knowledge presented by colleagues and invited lecturers to correlate root canal treatment
    with other dental specialties.

III - Oral research presentation

IV - Poster research presentation

V - Workshop

1: Protaper a New Innovation In Rotary Root Canal Instruments

Niti rotary and thermoplastisized Gutta-Percha:
How to optimize your sequences for better results in a rational Approach.

2: Rationalizing Endodontic Treatment

Step-By-Step Endodontic Treatment of Premolar Teeth (Multirooted tooth)


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