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Fifth International Endodontic Meeting
(December 17th-19th 2008 , Nile Hilton)


Welcome to the fifth endodontic meeting, as you always expected from the scientific committee of the meeting we are updating attendee with all new materials and procedures to improve success of root canal treated teeth. Eminent professors of endodontics from endodontic department, Faculty of Dentistry, Loma Linda University will update your knowledge and discuss with you the recent trends in managing traumatized teeth: Professor Dr Leaf Backland, Prof Dr Hamid Reza Abedi and Dr Ismail Elsherief, Professor of Endodontics, Loma Linda University, USA. Dr Omar Zidan, Minnesota University will highlight the audience with all new nano-filling materials.

Invited professors from Saudi Arabia, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, all are joining the meeting and bringing their skill and knowledge to the meeting.

Egyptian professors in endo-related topics: management of deciduous teeth, endo-perio management and tissue augmentation, esthetics in action and bleaching of discolored teeth.

The final goal is success of root canal treatment yet the introduction of single tooth implant does it really will conquer the root canal procedures? Let us enjoy the lectures, seminars, open discussion sessions and workshops on endodontic topics and related to endodontic treatment.

Not to neglect that the meeting is always provide an opportunity to meet with each other to share our views and brings our memories and also to look ahead for the advancement in our specialty.


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